September 27 – 29 2024
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ARTIS GALLERY is a contemporary art gallery that was opened at Winzavod Contemporary Art Center in September 2017. The gallery is also a partner of the non-profit project ARTIS founded by Anastasia Potanina. The main goal of the ARTIS GALLERY is to support young Russian artists and promote them at the national and international art markets. Great attention is paid to regional art. ARTIS GALLERY works with more than 30 authors. Mostly, there are works by artists under 35 years: Maria Agarkova, Kristina Strunkova, Diana Devitskaya, Daria Neretina, Alexey Zhuchkov, Anton and Alexei Tvorogovy, Sasha Ianchenko, Leta Dobrovolskaya, Sasha Kim, Mikhail Levius, and others. However, the gallery also deals with well-known masters of Russian contemporary art such as George Ostretsov and Alexei Lantsev.

At Cosmoscow 2019 ARTIS GALLERY presents the “Randomness” project of young authors reimagining the concepts of probability and regularity. The exhibition includes the works by three artists: Varya Schuka, Asmik Melkonyan from Moscow, Liya Safina. Liya Safina from Kazan presents abstract works where random objects are combined into a single harmonious composition. Varya Schuka from Moscow works with 3D objects and visual rhyme, complementing everyday landscapes shot on the iPhone with details created using 3D graphics. Asmik Melkonyan from Moscow continues “Da Capo” series where the repeating elements of the ornament, duplicating the outlines of the human body, are brought to perfection.

Artists presented at Cosmoscow 2019:Liya Safina, Varya Schuka, Asmik Melkonyan.

  • Liya Safina (b. 1991) Wind from the Volga river, 2019 Oil on canvas 150 x 200 cm © ARTIS GALLERY
    Liya Safina (b. 1991) Wind from the Volga river, 2019 Oil on canvas 150 x 200 cm © ARTIS GALLERY