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September 27 – 29 2024
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The 12th Cosmoscow International Contemporary Art Fair will take place in Expocentre Fairgrounds (Moscow, 14 Krasnopresnenskaya embankment) September 27—29, 2024

Our projects:

Cosmoscow Foundation for Contemporary Art
Cosmoscow Art Collectors Club
Teo by Cosmoscow



The Cosmoscow Foundation for Contemporary Art launches the second educational season with a new online course “How to Understand Contemporary Culture? Unpacking – Actual Assembly”, the purpose of which is to explore the general cultural landscape and create a theoretical basis for the study of contemporary art. Each interview includes a short digression into the recent history of the direction and the current state of the art at the moment.

“How to Understand Contemporary Culture? Unpacking – Actual Assembly” a review cycle that is aimed at expanding the field of knowledge in various fields of culture, understanding its interdisciplinarity, and the interconnection of directions among themselves. 10 experts from such areas as theater, music, philosophy, dance, fashion, architecture, design, street art, cinema took part in the preparation of the new course. In their lectures, they help to immerse themselves in the global cultural context and trace the historical formation of one or another direction up to the present state.

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*Available only in Russian.




As one of Cosmoscow art initiatives, the Cosmoscow Art Collectors Club in its activities pursues and develops the mission and ideas of the Fair.

• A program of events commissioned by contemporary art and culture experts.
• VIP access to major museums and VIP status at important cultural events.
• Customized education in the field of contemporary art.
• Close acquaintance with established experts of the art market, artists, collectors and art dealers.
• Vernissages and tours in a cozy atmosphere accompanied by art community celebrities.
• Visiting important theater, music and film events.


Вход на территорию ЦВК “Экспоцентр” осуществляется через калитку со стороны ст. метро “Выставочная” и моста Багратион (выход №5) и КПП21 (за автобусной остановкой по ходу движения, перед подземным пешеходным переходом).

Ориентир - Храм преподобного Серафима, располагающийся на территории ЦВК Экспоцентр.

Вход в павильон “Форум” для гостей осуществляется через рамки металлоискателя через “Южный вход”, справа, если вы смотрите на павильон “Форум” со стороны набережной.


  • Парковка на территории Центра Международной Торговли находится по адресу: Краснопресненская наб., 12. Стоимость парковки: 300 рублей в час.
  • Подземная парковка в Афимолл Сити. Стоимость парковки: в будни с 3:01 до 18:00 — 300 рублей / час, в будни с 18:01 до 3:00 — 50 рублей / час, в выходные — 200 рублей / час первые 4 часа, далее 50 рублей / час.
  • Наземная городская парковка на территории Москва-Сити с почасовой оплатой 400 рублей / час.
  • Московский паркинг. Доступность мест и стоимость парковки на сайте