Cosmoscow • Georg Kargl Fine Arts
September 27 – 29 2024
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Georg Kargl Fine Arts

Since 1998 Georg Kargl Fine Arts has focused on continuous exhibition activities and positioning and placing contemporary artists whose significance is reflected in today’s international discourse. Our program includes both, young and established artists who communicate with our time, build relations, and new insights. With an exhibition space of more than 350 sq.m. Georg Kargl Fine Arts has the scope to produce exhibitions to match its intentions and vision. Adjacent to Georg Kargl Fine Arts, the Georg Kargl BOX was launched in 2005 with a storefront designed by Richard Artschwager. Additionally, in 2006, a third exhibition space PERMANENT was opened some fifty meters down the street. Conceived as a platform for a dialog with the young art scene and independently-run project spaces, PERMANENT enables a field for experimental engagement and interaction that acknowledges the permanent change of the art scenes.

The story, written aside and in between the ornamental 'frame' of The Abstract Painting (with no frame), 2016, around this very sad black square on legs, that wants to be more than it is, and ends up even unhappier as before, sounds like a Greek mythologic tragedy or a moral tale for the old and the young. Even if the writing is very tiny and some kind of hidden in the work, the viewer can get – only by the glance at the symbol – the reference to art history and by using a very reduced symbolic language, Solakov grasps the meaning easily, no comment has to be done, and with a story aside a certain wittiness is implied. Even the combination of contemporary graphic writing material with the rich technique of golden plating of former times, a contradiction in itself, appears almost scandalously and yet, everybody understands the bit of humour. Solakov slips into the role of a wise man, but without being indoctrinated.

Artists presented at Cosmoscow 2019: Nedko Solakov .

  • Nedko Solakov (b. 1957) The Abstract Painting (with no frame), 2016 Painting 70 x 70 x 9.5 cm ©  Georg Kargl Fine Arts
    Nedko Solakov (b. 1957) The Abstract Painting (with no frame), 2016 Painting 70 x 70 x 9.5 cm © Georg Kargl Fine Arts