Cosmoscow • H.L.A.M. Gallery
September 27 – 29 2024
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H.L.A.M. Gallery

The Voronezh gallery of contemporary art H.L.A.M. was founded in 2007 by Alexey Gorbunov. The main aim of the gallery is to promote the development of contemporary art in Russia, to explore new names. By 2020, the gallery had held 123 exhibitions. Some of them were nominated and the artists became winners of major Russian contemporary art awards including the Kandinsky Prize (2011, 2013) and the Innovation award (2010, 2012). Artists who began their careers at H.L.A.M. or whose works have been regularly exhibited in the gallery (I. Gorshkov, A. Zhilyaev, I. Dolgov, N. Alexeev, K. Garshin, K. Savelyev, O. Dautov) are widely sought after. The gallery continues to support young contemporary artists. H.L.A.M.’s activity inspired the annual international Platonov Festival (running since 2011). In 2009 Voronezh Centre for Contemporary Art was founded within HLAM gallery. Since then it has been playing a crucial role in art education and the formation of an art community in Voronezh for 10 years. Since 2012 the gallery annually takes part in international art fairs, once receiving the Artistic Form Innovation diploma. In 2018, the gallery was awarded the Cosmoscow Stand Prize.

Artists presented at Cosmoscow 2022: Mikhail Dobrovolsky, Kirill Saveliev, Nikolai Alekseev.

  • Mikhail Dobrovolsky b. 1994 Courtesy H.L.A.M. Gallery and the artist
    Mikhail Dobrovolsky b. 1994 Courtesy H.L.A.M. Gallery and the artist