Cosmoscow • SAS Metagallery
September 27 – 29 2024
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SAS Metagallery

Stella’s Art Space (SAS) is the first Russian metagallery of tokenized art in Decentraland, which is one of the largest virtual reality platforms on the Ethereum blockchain.

The gallery is located a 20-second metaverse walk from the famous Sotheby’s auction house, at coordinates 38.72; 39.72. The gallery’s digital format is a three-level building designed in a space-inspired style. There is an observation deck on the roof of SAS — it offers a great view of the surrounding parcels (this is how land plots in metaverse are labeled). 

The gallery works with artists such as: Platon Yurich, Stefa, MG Dankov, Alexandr Wasfoi, Gleb Solntsev, Daniil Zuev, Arzamasov_Rozanov_Zeldovich art group, Evgenia Bolyukh, Evgeny Kravtsov, Ann Brava, SOKOLOV&Makarov, Artem Tkach and others. 

SAS holds personal exhibitions, shows of collections of famous NFT collectors and holders of masterpieces of art from different epochs, implements curatorial projects. Also, a significant part of the gallery’s activity is devoted to experimental projects and collaborations with institutions, international and Russian galleries, famous personalities.

Artists presented at Cosmoscow 2022: Stefa, Platon Yurich, Synticate, Gleb Solntsev, Stefan Herbst.

  • Stefa b. 1983 “Freedom”, 2022 Digital art Courtesy Stella’s Art Space and Stefa
    Stefa b. 1983 “Freedom”, 2022 Digital art Courtesy Stella’s Art Space and Stefa