Cosmoscow • Artocratia
September 27 – 29 2024
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Artocratia is an international professional digital platform dedicated to art, culture, and creativity.

Artocratia brings the art world together and makes communication inside it easier and more interesting. On the platform you can find private art collections, educational programs, a market and a journal about contemporary culture and art. There you can also find Web 3.0 technologies and the metaverse.

Artocratia Metaverse is a digital multifunctional space dedicated to art, fashion, design, architecture, education, and creativity, where users can interact with digital objects and communicate with each other in real-time. Fully immersive digital exhibitions, modern technologies for presentations, creation of your own project, its monetization and expansion, educational quests — and all of these in real-time in the digital space of Artocratia.

From any part of the world, you can study, purchase and sell art, and launch your own NFT projects. Use the online-market and create projects from wherever you are, attracting an audience through the new ways of communication in Web 3.0, while the Artocratia professional community will always be there to support you.

  • "Artocratia Metaverse “Me is Present” exhibition, 2022"
    "Artocratia Metaverse “Me is Present” exhibition, 2022"