Cosmoscow • 8 artists received a grant from the Cosmoscow Foundation
September 27 – 29 2024
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8 artists received a grant from the Cosmoscow Foundation

Feb. 6, 2023

As part of Cosmoscow Foundation’s special support project, 8 authors received funds to continue their professional activities. They are: Eldar Ganeev, Alina Gutkina, Mikhail Dobrovolsky, Konstantin Zvezdochetov, Anastasia Livadnova, Dmitry Okruzhnov and Maria Sharova, Anna Titova and Sveta Shuvaeva.

Mutual support and attention are especially significant nowadays, and we entrusted the choice of the recipients of the grant to the artists who became the "Artist of the Year" according to the Cosmoscow Foundation in different years. Each of them nominated someone who, in their opinion, currently needs support to continue their artistic practice.

In turbulent periods art always remains an important indicator of the times, so it is especially important to help artists continue to work and develop their careers. This is the first non-targeted project of the Foundation — the authors themselves will choose how they use the funds: to create new works, purchase materials, rent a studio, prepare for exhibitions, visit a residence, or any other expense item related to professional activities.

TEO by Cosmoscow invited authors to join the platform — now their works can be found in the catalogue. This new selection makes it possible to additionally support the artists of the Cosmoscow Foundation grant, as well as to get to know the works of promising authors.