Cosmoscow • The 11th Charity Auction of the Cosmoscow Foundation took place in Nôodome
September 27 – 29 2024
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The 11th Charity Auction of the Cosmoscow Foundation took place in Nôodome

May 15, 2024

Guests of the event were welcomed by Margarita Pushkina, founding director of the Cosmoscow contemporary art fair and founder of the Cosmoscow Foundation. Guests of the pre-auction exhibition and auction were: Natalia Opaleva, Irena Ponaroshku, Valentina Davydik, Pierre and Annushka Brochet, Nadezhda Ananyeva, Elvira Tarnogradskaya, Alexander Popov, Victoria Borisevich, Artem and Yulia Akimov, Alexander Perepelkin, Sofya Rauf, Tatyana Zhelanova, Olga Michi, Anton Kozlov, Denis Himilyaine, Anastasia Loktaeva, Diana Manasir, Victoria Polyakova, Alina Kovaleva, Liya Diyanova, Daria Korobova, Alexander Blanar, Pavel Kamin, Philip Lobachev, Anna Sysoeva, Masha Sergeeva and others.

The auctioneers were the duo of TV presenter Irena Ponaroshku and St. Petersburg gallerist Nikolay Evdokimov, who, in turn, presented the guests with a special lot from Nikolay Evdokimov Gallery - the work of Dmitry Sirotkin “The Last Battle, Again Battle #02” (sold for 300,000 rubles).

Sales based on the auction results amounted to more than 15.5 million rubles. The proceeds will be directed to the Cosmoscow Foundation - to create new works of art, work with the collections of Russian museums, organize educational programs and expand non-profit activities.

The most expensive work of art sold at auction was the work of the Russian art group AES+F Inverso Mundus. Stillage #6 was sold for 2,300,000 rubles. And the work of “Artist of the Year” Cosmoscow 2024 Alexandra Garth “Untitled” - 900,000 rubles, two works by Evgeny Granilshchikov - video art “Fireworks” and photo collage “Oil to the Fire”, which were sold for 760,000 rubles, the work of Slava Nesterov “White Garden”, which went for 680,000 rubles, the canvas by Olya Avstreich Red from the series “The light comes on and goes out”, sold for 670,000 rubles, a silver daguerreotype of BAILUN called DESIDERIUM XXXII, sold for 625,000 rubles, canvas by Maria Vysotskaya from the Present Perfect series, sold for 500,000 rubles, Medina Kasimova’s painting “Victory of Chaos,” which sold for 500,000 rubles, Pavel Bushuev’s sculpture “Deformation. Bust #1”, which went under the hammer for 470,000 rubles, a ceramic object from Alina Zolotykh Who Cares, sold for 460,000 rubles, a painting by Alisa Gorelova from the series “Tightness”, sold for 400,000 rubles and a performative lot from an online platform TEO by Cosmoscow and Anna Nova Gallery “A dizzying date with Lady Mushroom”, sold for 400,000 rubles.

The brightest couple of the evening, who most actively placed bets and purchased new works of art for their collection, received a special gift from Sber Private Banking and Mriya Resort & SPA for a seven-day dream vacation. Mriya Resort & SPA is the world's leading premium resort from Sber, which has won more than 100 international and Russian awards at leading hospitality industry awards.

The impressive-scale complex, located between a picturesque mountain range and the endless expanse of the sea, includes a five-star hotel, 37 villas, a medical center, the Mriya Life Institute for Active Longevity, 24 restaurants and bars with unique gastronomic concepts, a balneological complex, a high-quality SPA center, Japanese garden "Six Senses", children's amusement park "Dreamwood" and wine tourism center WINEPARK.

The Hadassah Medical Moscow medical center presented the buyer of the 11th lot (video art “Fireworks” and photo collage “Fuel to the Fire” by Evgeny Granilshchikov) with a check-up - a comprehensive medical examination program in the Russian branch of the Israeli hospital, built according to the canons of a healing environment and surrounded by works contemporary art.

Partner of the 11th Charity Auction of the Cosmoscow Foundation, the Beluga brand presented at the auction a unique decanter from the limited edition Beluga Epicure Noir by Lalique, released in the amount of 10 copies - the result of cooperation between Beluga and the French House of Lalique. The decanter went under the hammer for 3,000,000 rubles and became the most expensive lot of the last auction. The exquisite decanter, handcrafted from black crystal and plated in platinum, depicts the dance of René Lalique's famous Bacchae in an updated interpretation - the mysterious priestesses are surrounded by ears of wheat, which are a symbol of harvest and fertility.

Another special lot from the BORK company - an exclusive storage system from the BORK Home collection, which allows you to protect all the most valuable things at home: art, documents, jewelry and money - went at auction for 325,000 rubles. The steel case is covered with genuine Italian leather and covered inside with a soft Alcantara fabric finish. The biometric lock can be opened using a fingerprint.

The unique design, embodied on the model specifically for the 11th Charity Auction of the Cosmoscow Foundation 2024, echoes its concept. The sketch refers to the goddess of fate and happiness, Fortuna, who is trying to maintain balance in a world as unpredictable and changeable as herself. The background for the image was elements of Japanese style, iconic for the BORK brand. The storage system and drawing are made by hand.

Another memorable experience for auction guests was the collaboration between STONE and digital artist Katya Garnet - the “Architectural Perspectives” project, in which art is inspired by STONE architecture and the Cosmoscow Foundation 2024 auction theme “Vertigo”. The art installation was based on building relationships between technology, architecture and nature. Artist Katya Garnet demonstrated the meditative interaction of fractals with the contrasting environment of STONE architecture: a minimalist interior and a massive fractal created a dialogue with each other without contradicting each other, but on the contrary enhanced the effect of visual experience in the process of their intersection.

The authors of the collaboration, STONE and artist Katya Garnet, invited guests to conduct an individual architectural meditation, in which each visual element served to enhance perception and interaction with the dynamics of digital art. The art installation was an attempt to transform art into a functional component of the urban environment, creating a synergy of structural resonance.

The mood of the evening was created by floral arrangements from BURO ALL DESIGN, which also presented a special floral arrangement inspired by lot No. 20, a work by Alisa Gorelova from the “Tightness” series.

From May 15 to May 31, on the TEO by Cosmoscow online platform, you can see and purchase works from a special selection of works by artists who were presented at the 11th Charity Auction of the Cosmoscow Foundation. The TEO by Cosmoscow platform traditionally supports the curatorial concept of Alexey Maslyaev and provides the opportunity to purchase works of his chosen participating artists to a wider range of buyers.





  • 11-й Благотворительный аукцион Фонда Cosmoscow в поддержку современного искусства
    11-й Благотворительный аукцион Фонда Cosmoscow в поддержку современного искусства
  • 11-й Благотворительный аукцион Фонда Cosmoscow в поддержку современного искусства
    11-й Благотворительный аукцион Фонда Cosmoscow в поддержку современного искусства
  • 11-й Благотворительный аукцион Фонда Cosmoscow в поддержку современного искусства
    11-й Благотворительный аукцион Фонда Cosmoscow в поддержку современного искусства