Cosmoscow • Cosmoscow Foundation launches "CLOSER" educational platform
September 27 – 29 2024
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Cosmoscow Foundation launches "CLOSER" educational platform

June 15, 2020

Cosmoscow Foundation for Support of Contemporary Art which won the "Common Cause" competition of the "Effective Philanthropy" program of Vladimir Potanin's Charitable Foundation, launches the "Closer" educational platform which will present experimental forms of online learning.

The COVID-19 pandemic has spurred the growth of distance learning and online schools, encouraging many practitioners to redesign their courses for new realities. The "Closer" platform is conceived as a testing ground for experimental distance learning opportunities by Russian artists who use educational formats in their practice and who are driven by sincere interest in the latest scientific advances and technologies, innovative educational models, topics and research methods, demonstrating a wide range of levels of participation that are possible in art and pedagogical projects for different audiences.

The courses were created by Russian artists - winners of an open competition held by Cosmoscow Foundation from May 20th to May 31st:

1. Alisa Smorodina "Time capsule as therapy and form of commemoration"
2. Vasily Sumin "Sound Healing"
3. Anonymous group VASYABEGI "Review of somatic approaches"
4. Vladimir Kartashov, "Retransformation: Creation of Post-Virtual Objects"
5. Lera Lerner “Every time everything is rounder. More related. Dissociated "
6. Anna Leonova, Sasha Puchkova "Ruins of the stream"
7. Yana Romanova, Maria Morina "What do I see?"
8. Sergey Morozov "Voice in Art"
9. Alexandra Portyannikova "Dance Floor Gribnitsa"
10. Tatiana Danilevskaya, Nikolay Alekseev "Workshop on deliberate coincidences"
11. Maria Gorodetskaya "Unlearnt"
12. IBiom collective "Four ways to save the world before it collapses"
13. Anna Rotayenko "Contemporary art in memes"
14. Alena Papina "Site-specific art: an introduction to the discourse of space and place"
15. NOGR "botable TALKS" team

The proposed online course formats include masterclasses on Twitch and speculative workshops, performative lectures and interviews, as well as participatory experiments in Zoom, online labs and series of podcast dialogues written on behalf of a telegram bot.

The "Closer" platform will become a logical continuation of Cosmoscow Foundation's activities, one of the most important goals of which is to implement educational programs in order to popularize contemporary art for the widest audience possible. The platform will consist of 15 separate educational courses that will be held on a regular monthly basis from June to December 2020. All educational courses of the "Closer" platform will be free of charge and available to everyone on the website: