Cosmoscow • The project of Audi Born-Digital Award winner Pavel Seldemirov "The Becoming" is now open
September 27 – 29 2024
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The project of Audi Born-Digital Award winner Pavel Seldemirov "The Becoming" is now open

Sept. 3, 2020

On September 2nd, the project of the winner of Audi Born-Digital Award, Pavel Seldemirov's “The Becoming” was opened in the innovative space of Audi City Moscow (Nikolskaya str. 10), which became the first event of the Parallel program of the 8th Cosmoscow International Contemporary Art Fair.

The opening was attended by: Margarita Pushkina, Pavel Seldimirov, Alexander Burenkov, Alexander Kuznetsov, Anna Andronova, Evgenia Milova, Yulia Chernova, Ilya Bachurin, Marika Kravtsova, Alexander Blanar, Yasmina Muratovich, Yulia Sharapova, Alena Chandler, Max Avdeev, Liza Mamiashvili, Anka Akhalaia and others.

"The Becoming" exhibition will be held from 3rd to 20th of September and will be available to everyone. Moreover, "The Becoming" project will appear as an online game on Cosmoscow Foundation website.

“The Becoming” project is a total installation that recreates the space of a poetically interpreted forest, filled with plants and portal displays. Visitors are able to go on a journey where cultural artifacts and traces of 2020, which has already become an important milestone for all mankind, will appear among the virtual trees. A stone connected to a ventilator; a lake the surface of which splits like a glass showcase; coronavirus trapped in the river like deep-sea mines; a graph of  stock market crash in shape of mountains on the horizon - the artist collects our collective dream from these images, reminiscent of events on a planetary scale.

The installation is conceived by the artist as a mechanism that involves the viewer in crossing the border between real and virtual worlds, referring to ritual practices in which the participant in action crosses a certain line and, as a result, is unable to come back. Armed with VR devices, several viewers will be able to plunge into the virtual space at once, where everyone will look like a vortex or a bunch of circulating elements. A multiplayer VR game made using the Unity game engine will become the core of the installation. Thanks to the game being available online, it will be possible to "enter" the artwork from anywhere in the world.