Cosmoscow • PERMM Museum at Cosmoscow 2023
September 27 – 29 2024
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PERMM Museum at Cosmoscow 2023

«Музей года» Cosmoscow 2023 PERMM — один из самых заметных музеев современного искусства в России — представляет актуальное российское искусство XX–XXI веков. Музей был открыт в 2008 году в рамках Пермской культурной революции.

“Museum of the Year” Cosmoscow 2023 PERMM will present a project dedicated to the unique renovation of the former automobile center building into a new museum space. The main task of the stand will be to present a unique initiative on a national scale - for the first time, a museum of modern art is moving into a ready-made exhibition space, originally designed for the needs of the automotive business. The pavilion is being designed by the PERMM team with the participation of the artist Vasily Kononov-Gredin; this collaboration will be the first experience of interaction between the museum and the artist. Vasily Kononov-Gredin will meaningfully rethink the transformation of the car showroom space and create a total installation, turning to various artistic means and mediums.