Cosmoscow • MR Group
September 27 – 29 2024
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MR Group

MR Group presents a pop-up cafe at Cosmoscow, as well as MOD and SYMPHONY 34 projects

MR Group presents a pop-up cafe at Cosmoscow under the auspices of its SLAVA project, one of the most innovative and ambitious projects of the company — a complex located on the territory of the former Slava watch factory. The concept of the cafe is inspired by the DNA of the SLAVA project, and the Culina Studio food artist duo is responsible for developing the menu. They present a special set of snacks and pastries, which guests can try during the entire period of the fair.

MR Group also presents the MOD and SYMPHONY 34 projects, which are united by a close connection with the cultural context and sustained support for contemporary culture and art. The stand is dedicated to the theme of rhythm and dynamics: it is a total meditative installation of dozens of metronomes, where viewers will be able to reflect on the harmony of time, its sound, rhythm, tempo.


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