Cosmoscow • 12 STOREEZ: «Silhouette»
September 27 – 29 2024
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12 STOREEZ: «Silhouette»

STOREEZ and artist Anna Acorn created the Silhouette installation especially for Cosmoscow 12 with the support of PA Gallery

12 STOREEZ — collections of women's and men's clothing, which make up a concise and thoughtful wardrobe out of time. 

Especially for Cosmoscow with the support of PA Gallery 12 STOREEZ and artist Anna Zhelud' created the Silhouette installation, in which the outlines of wardrobe items and interior details are guessed, fading in their perfectly geometric shape.

In recognizable products of the brand, the artist blurs the line between the imaginary and the real, focusing the viewer on the interpretation of their relationship with the material world. The idea of the project is close to the brand concept — the ability to see the beauty of simple
and concise things, to fill every moment of life with it.

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