Cosmoscow • Cosmoscow Talks educational programme
September 27 – 29 2024
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Cosmoscow Talks educational programme

SMOSCOW TALKS is the programme of daily discussions, talks, and performances in 3 parts.



Curated by Alexey Maslyaev.

Part of the programme united by a common theme – "Nature", which

can be traced in various interpretations in Fair's programming. The world cannot be simply described by a limited number of universal laws. It is polysemous, and if science encounters limitations of its apparatus in describing it, then, perhaps, in search of alternative approaches to its cognition, one should turn to art? Participants of the programme's events will share what artists can offer today to update our ideas about the internal arrangement of surrounding things and phenomena.


Curated by Reem Fadda.

Part of the programme dedicated to the exhibition of Qatari artists featuring international experts. The exhibition brings together a selection of Qatari artists from different generations, who question issues such as the loss of tradition and collectivity, rising consumerism, isolation from nature and society, women’s issues and comment on the political state of affairs in the Gulf. These and others questions will be discussed as part of the programme.


Curated by Olga Shishko and Yulia Grachikova.

This part of the programme is presented by Cosmoscow 2018 Museum of the Year. How the withdrawal of material art and the opening of new horizons for time-based art, the transition of the market to digital space transform the market? What prospects does it open for its participants? What features need to be considered when buying media art and what problems can be encountered? How does the development of digital technology affect the experience of collecting and selling of media art? These and others questions will be discussed as part of the programme.


1 pm — discussion “THE DIRECTOR: New Narratives, New Visions”. 

3 pm — discussion “Know how. The revolution in the art market: from video art to new media. User’s manual”. Participants: Olga Shishko, Egbert Domering, Carlos Duran, Daria Parkhomenko, Irina Sergeeva. 

5 pm — discussion “THE ARTIST: What We Are Made Of”. Participants: Bouthayna Al-Muftah, Ghada Al Khater, Mohammed Al Atiq, Taus Makhacheva, Reem Fadda. 

7 pm — Fyodor Pavlov-Andreevich, “How to make performance. How to sell performance” (lecture). 


1 pm — discussion “Buying time. Predicting the future of museum and private collections”. Participants: Marina Loshak, Dmitriy Sergeev, Kati Kivinen, Olesya Turkina, Gary Hill. 

5 pm — discussion “Expressiveness League: the superhero nature of contemporary art”. Partisipants: Taus Makhacheva, Andrey Miziano, Pachom, Alexey Maslyaev. 

7 pm — play “Ouch, Tuzenbach!” by Oleg Glushkov. 


1 pm — discussion “Psychology of collecting. Collecting media art as a radical practice”. Participants: Yulia Grachikova, Nikolay Palazhchenko, Mila Bazeva, Polina Kanis, Dmitry Volkov, Egbert Domering, Carlos Duran. 

3 pm — discussion“My vegetable love should grow vaster than empires, and more slow: art and strange ecologies”. Participants: Egor Rogalev, Ilya Dolgov, Nikita Sazonov, Alexey Martins, Artem Filatov, Polina Khanova, Boris Klyushnikov. 

5 pm — lecture/performance “АРXIV. Self-organizing nature of contemporary art”. Participants: Ruslan Polanin, Anya Kobzeva, Olya Klimovitskaya, Sofia Ovtchinnikova, Katya Granova, Ya Nzi, Vladimir Savostin, Gosha Golitsin, Maria Cheloyants, Lika Gomiashvili, Anastasia Soboleva, Nikita Kaem. 

7 pm — performance/installation “Commedia delle arti” by Dmitri Kourliandski.