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September 27 – 29 2024
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Transportation of works of art in the current political and economic context

The process of international transportation of works of art in the new conditions: basic procedures and difficulties, legislative regulation.
  • Maria Kravtsova Maria Kravtsova Moderator
  • Andrey Kucha Andrey Kucha
  • Diana Motsonashvili Diana Motsonashvili
  • Natalia Morozova Natalia Morozova

“… — and away, and near — it was up to us. And what will happen after”

Highlights from the collections of Sergey Limonov and Denis Khimilyayne Curator: Alexey Maslyaev

Art in transport!?

As part of the discussion, the experts will discuss international and local experience in the implementation of art projects in the space of stations, metro and ground transport, and also talk about whether they help to increase the audience of museums.
  • Dmitry Bykov Dmitry Bykov Moderator
  • Anna Ermolitskaya Anna Ermolitskaya
  • Dmitry Aske Dmitry Aske
  • Oksana Bondarenko Oksana Bondarenko

Phygital Is the New Digital or Art 3.0. From Digital to Objects

With “Phygital Is the New Digital” exhibition Instigators art group brings together like-minded artists that work in the digital art sphere and use the possibilities of blockchain to create works that are both digital and physical at the same time. The relatively new term “phygital” comes from the merger of two English words: “physical” and “digital”. The authors are attempting to answer one of the key questions of the industry: what justifies the use of blockchain technology in art, and how do artists understand the connection between digital and physical objects.

Discussion «Are Digital Culture Values a Trend or a New Normal?»

The impact of digitalization on the perception of culture. Understanding the new man of digital culture. Impact on digital culture of key technological events (spacewalk).

“Kaspar Hauser’s Phantom Family”. Non-commercial project supported by Sergey Limonov Art Foundation

Jonjoli Flowers (new project by North-7 group participants together with the close artists) group members rethink the way from former family with broken communicative relations to the family with lost children. Within the given historic moment, condition of half-decay, disunity is taken as sign of the times.

STATION art platform (Kostroma) at Cosmoscow 2022

In 2022, the Institution of the Year is the STATION art platform (Kostroma), noted for its interdisciplinary activities that combine contemporary dance, theater, cinema, music, and fine arts.

Discussion «The price of a mistake is the security and non-obvious problems of NFT circulation»

What you have to figure out, for your peace of mind, if you decide to become an NFT collector. Issues of law, finance, security will be covered.

SOUND UP x COSMOSCOW: Piano Theatre for 6 grand pianos

On the opening day of the 10th edition of Cosmoscow, SOUND UP new music festival will present the Piano Theatre project. It will introduce listeners to groundbreaking scores from the 20th and 21st centuries that have redefined the ways a piano can sound like and how it can be played.

Diana Vishneva Foundation x Cosmoscow Foundation: Dance and Contemporary Art

Initially, the project consisted of two short films (“Location” and “Unequal Endings”) by choreographers Ilya Manylov, Olga Timoshenko, and Alexei Narutto. They were inspired by the works and music of Cosmoscow Artist of the Year Valery Chtak.

The State Hermitage at Cosmoscow 2022

At the Cosmoscow fair, the State Hermitage presents a variety of approaches to research work with art and cultural heritage, which are being developed as part of the teaching and research processes at the School.

Valery Chtak “Exhibition of Identical Paintings”

Cosmoscow 2022 Artist of the Year Valery Chtak is a well-known Russian author with a well-established and distinctive artistic language which is also recognizable in the project presented at the fair.
  • Valery Chtak Valery Chtak

Project "Pompeii" by Evgeny Granilshchikov and Lyudmila Baronina

The project consists of detailed personal histories presented through the fixation of bodily states. It is a search for almost sculptural plasticity, which becomes a description of the death of modernity that we knew only yesterday.

blazar 2022

blazar young art fair is the official satellite of Cosmoscow. Besides galleries, the list of blazar participants also includes independent artists at the beginning of their careers, as well as artistic groups and educational and non-profit institutions that work with authors under 35.

Welcome activity — Let’s meet, artist 0+

The Cosmoscow Kids 2022 program includes educational and creative activities designed in collaboration with the Cosmoscow 2022 Artist of the Year Valery Chtak and the Algorithm International School, which presents its unique creative space Workshops + at the fair. The youngest guests of the fair can join educational activities and visit architectural and ceramic workshops hosted by talented teachers.

“Is there an artist when there is no spectator?” (philosophical conversation between children and adults) 6+

The Cosmoscow Kids 2022 program includes educational and creative activities designed in collaboration with the Cosmoscow 2022 Artist of the Year Valery Chtak and the Algorithm International School, which presents its unique creative space Workshops + at the fair. The youngest guests of the fair can join educational activities and visit architectural and ceramic workshops hosted by talented teachers.

“Is there an artist when there is no spectator?” (philosophical conversation between children and adults) 6+

The Cosmoscow Kids 2022 program includes educational and creative activities designed in collaboration with the Cosmoscow 2022 Artist of the Year Valery Chtak and the Algorithm International School, which presents its unique creative space Workshops + at the fair. The youngest guests of the fair can join educational activities and visit architectural and ceramic workshops hosted by talented teachers.

“In what ways can a child discover contemporary art?” (creative discussion) 6+

The Cosmoscow Kids 2022 program includes educational and creative activities designed in collaboration with the Cosmoscow 2022 Artist of the Year Valery Chtak and the Algorithm International School, which presents its unique creative space Workshops + at the fair. The youngest guests of the fair can join educational activities and visit architectural and ceramic workshops hosted by talented teachers.

Art in public spaces: coordination and placemenе

Public art is an important tool for the development of territories; it brings diversity to the urban environment, attracts tourists, and creates new points of attraction for citizens and businesses. At the same time, those who at least once in their lives tried to implement their project on the streets of the capital (from curators to developers) note that they encountered difficulties in coordinating and placing art objects or murals. Representatives of various departments of the city will talk about how the approval process works and what to do in order to simplify it and make it comfortable for all parties.
  • Ekaterina Perventseva Ekaterina Perventseva Moderator
  • Gregory Orekhov Gregory Orekhov
  • Stepan Orlov Stepan Orlov
  • Vadim Kochetkov Vadim Kochetkov
  • Julia Adigamova Julia Adigamova

Buy and save. Insurance and storage of private collections

The most frequent risks and problems for collectors and for those who buy art in order to pass it over to their children and grandchildren. A discussion on the topic of art insurance, featuring a leading representative of the insurance business, a professional custodian of private collections, and an expert from a private museum.
  • Maria Kravtsova Maria Kravtsova Moderator
  • Andrey Kucha Andrey Kucha
  • Igor Kulakov Igor Kulakov
  • Yulia Petrova Yulia Petrova

Russian galleries on the international art market

Despite the events of 2022, galleries from Russia continue to take part in fairs in Europe, the USA, Asia, and the Middle East. As part of the discussion, we will talk about what has changed for exhibitors from Russia, how they solved logistical and financial issues, and whether they consider Asian and Middle Eastern markets as an alternative to the European and American markets.
  • Nikolay Palazhchenko Nikolay Palazhchenko Moderator
  • Anastasia Shavlokhova Anastasia Shavlokhova
  • Olga Profatilo Olga Profatilo
  • Ekaterina Iragui Ekaterina Iragui

A presentation of the board game “THE MAIN EXHIBIT”

On September 15—17, the 10th edition of Cosmoscow International Contemporary Art Fair in Gostiny Dvor will host a presentation of the first board game about the art business, allowing players to plunge into the world of contemporary art; understand the routines of major art market players, from private galleries to big auctions; learn interesting historical facts; and, most importantly, form their own contemporary art collection.

How art makes commercial brands stronger

Can art help businesses solve complex problems, strengthen and renew brands, and reach new audiences? Representatives of various companies will talk about the most striking cases of their cooperation with the art industry; about what they can give to the art environment and what they expect from it in return.
  • Ksenia Korobeynikova Ksenia Korobeynikova Moderator
  • Alexandra Bobretsova Alexandra Bobretsova
  • Alisa Bagdonaite Alisa Bagdonaite
  • Julia Chernova Julia Chernova
  • Alexandra Lekomtseva Alexandra Lekomtseva

Screening of video works by Sasha Pirogova and Marina Fridman

Cosmoscow 2022 will screen the films "Garden" and "Out of Time".

Cashback for art with Tinkoff Private

From year to year, for more than 10 years, Cosmoscow brings together the key players in the art market (galleries and the artists they represent) under the same roof, inviting all art connoisseurs to get acquainted with the most relevant works and embark on an exciting journey to create their own collection. As part of the 10th edition of Cosmoscow, together with Tinkoff Private, a digital bank for wealthy clients, we are proud to announce new opportunities: by purchasing art at the fair or on the TEO by Cosmoscow online platform, everyone will be able to receive cashback in the amount of 10%. In addition, with a special version of Tinkoff’s digital mobile private banking, created for collectors and the fair’s VIP audience, it will be possible to sign up for art consulting sessions and tours with the stars.

"Youth" project by

Партнер Cosmoscow фотобренд ЗЕНИТ совместно с кураторами Борисом Бернаскони и Сашей Мадемуазель по случаю открытия первого магазина в ГУМе устремляет взгляд в будущее и показывает серию работ фотографа Максима Купрещенкова — исследование состояния, возникающего во время общения с моделью. Всегда интересно, как фотографу удается увидеть человека через объектив, но не менее любопытно то, что видит модель и как это отражается на итоговых картинках: каждый раз это небольшое открытие, которое помогает автору лучше понять себя. В серии собраны портреты девушек, которые были сделаны в период летних месяцев с 2020-2022 год: как друзья, так и до того незнакомые автору героини.


For the first time ever, the fair will feature a special zone by 4ARTechnologies AG, an international holding based in Zug (Switzerland), which has created a digital ecosystem for everyone willing to embrace the artistic process. 4ARTechnologies has created a set of digital tools for the art world in the form of a mobile application, including: a digital catalog for storing and administering a collection; the first internationally recognized digital document for protecting and authenticating artworks based on patented Swiss vector analysis and blockchain technology; virtual galleries and an art metaverse for displaying exhibition projects in various exhibition spaces in high resolution; as well as the most convenient creation of protected NFT + allowing to display works on the curated 4ART marketplace at once.

Art Decoder Project

Zen and Cosmoscow have put together a multi-format encyclopedia of contemporary art in which stars and popular bloggers answer difficult questions: for example, is a picture generated by a neural network a work of art?

Cosmoscow x Radio 7

Cosmoscow is always full of participants and bright special projects. To make the immersion in the world of contemporary art as comfortable as possible, a special audio guide was prepared together with Radio 7, which tells in detail about all the galleries of the 10th edition of the fair. In addition, the Radio 7 zone on Cosmoscow will feature a series of podcasts with key art experts and explore numerous art forms.

Hutton Metaverse

Hutton, a longtime Cosmoscow partner, keeps on developing the idea of new meditative spaces by merging architecture, design, and art. This season, it presents its own world — the Hutton Metaverse. Inspired by the era of space discovery, Hutton created an architectural module enhanced with art objects made by world-renowned NFT artists Laya Mathikshara, Nils Hansen, and Ryan Whitby. The interiors of Hutton Metaverse feature functional architectural forms, designed in strict minimalism in the spirit of ergonomic space stations. The project was based on a real Hutton object, the LUNAR space complex (Moscow), created for people who are ready to bring the future closer.

Gallery + Museum: interaction and partnership strategies

Today's art industry is built on the successful cooperation of the commercial and non-commercial sectors. The galleries provide primary expertise by identifying promising young artists, developing their careers, selling works of art, and providing opportunities for the artists to earn money. The museums carry out the most important, final examination in the art market: if an artist ends up in museum collections, it means that his/her value is recognized by an independent museum community and will become part of the cultural and state heritage; his/her price and status are confirmed; and the value of private collections, where his/her works are already presented, is growing. As part of the discussion, we will talk about what formats of cooperation and interaction exist today between galleries and museums. What mechanisms for supplementing museum collections are working in Russia today and what difficulties do galleries and museums face on the way to building a partnership.
  • Alina Kryukova Alina Kryukova Moderator
  • Vasily Tsereteli Vasily Tsereteli
  • Sergey Popov Sergey Popov
  • Ksenia Podoinitsyna Ksenia Podoinitsyna
  • Irina Gorlova Irina Gorlova

Corporate patronage in the arts

In 2014, the law "On philanthropic activities" defined its basic concepts and secured the legal status of philanthropists and patrons. But even before the adoption of the law, philanthropy and support for social and cultural projects entered the practice of many Russian corporations. As part of the discussion, invited experts will talk about the goals set by large companies that support cultural projects and art; and representatives of the museum community will talk about their expectations of such cooperation.
  • Alisa Prudnikova Alisa Prudnikova Moderator
  • Valentina Davydik Valentina Davydik
  • Marina Loshak Marina Loshak
  • Fatima Mukhomedzhan Fatima Mukhomedzhan
  • Anton Inkin Anton Inkin

Supplementing museum collections: gifts from individuals and charitable foundations

Museums have individual requests to supplement their collections by including works by contemporary artists. As part of the discussion, we will talk about who (collectors, artists, or private foundations) today most often acts as the initiator of a gift to a museum, what this gift can become, how an expert buying committee works, and how the donation procedure is prepared in terms of legal support and documentation.
  • Anna Trapkova Anna Trapkova Moderator
  • Oksana Oracheva Oksana Oracheva
  • Olga Dranichkina Olga Dranichkina
  • Anastasia Ivanova Anastasia Ivanova
  • Tatyana Gafar Tatyana Gafar

Discussion «Art is everywhere. Conteporary dance. Interdisciplinarity»

Supported by U Magazine and Context. How to live in the modern world and notice new, interesting, visual things around you. How to know what is good and what is bad. How to educate literacy and observation in contemporary art and in general more broadly: design, fashion, cinema. Collectors, art lovers, professionals from other fields share their experience and understanding of the love of art.

Discussion «Center for Art Production "Vaults" - a space for contemporary art»

Supported by GES-2. Center for Art Production "Vaults" - a space for contemporary art Eight workshops of the Svody Art Production Center of the GES-2 House of Culture are equipped with equipment that makes it possible for artists working in different media to implement projects. What distinguishes Vaults from other art workshops? What opportunities does the equipment provide and how important is the help of technical specialists? How are relationships built with project authors and should they continue after they are completed? As part of the discussion, we will discuss these issues with the artists - residents of "Vaults"

Discussion «Как сохранить современное искусство? Взгляд художника, коллекционера, галериста и музейного хранителя»

With the support of the State Hermitage. To create works of contemporary art, new materials and non-standard techniques are often used, the aging process of which has not yet been studied and is potentially irreversible. During the discussion, artist Emilia Kabakova, gallery owner Sergei Popov, collector Denis Khimilayne and curator Marina Shults will discuss what all participants in the art world can do to preserve art objects in different conditions.

Discussion “X Hour of Russian Gloss: The Last Battle for Print”

Sponsored by U Magazine. In the context of the curtailment of the activities of most Western fashion and jewelry brands in the Russian market, which means the fall of the advertising market; rising prices for paper, dyes, other printing services; as well as the revocation of licenses to publish international publications in the country, it would seem that continuing to make a print is pure altruism or suicide. We understand why it is so important to preserve the magazine fashion culture.

Choreographic performance "Several Ways to Start a Conversation"

Choreographic performance from "Institution of the Year" 2022 - STATION art venue

Discussion "New Education"

With the support of the European University.

The Jewish Museum and the Tolerance Center present the discussion "Outsider Art and Galleries: Integration of "special" artists into the art market" within the framework of the Cosmoscow fair

With the support of the Jewish Museum and the Tolerance Center. The broad term "outsider art" today encompasses the work of neurodivergent artists, people with exclusionary experiences, and authors without professional experience. The discussion of experts, curators and philanthropists is devoted to the current state of outsider art in the art market, the problem of definitions and official recognition of the work of artists who do not have the support of the professional community. Participants will answer the questions: is outsider art marginal art today? How does this art get into institutions and why are there separate platforms for artists with developmental disabilities? The discussion can draw attention to the problem of outsider art, its position on the contemporary art scene and draw the attention of a wide audience to this phenomenon.