Cosmoscow • Programme
September 27 – 29 2024
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Topic: "Careful relationships"
Curator: Alexey Maslyaev

The exhibition "Through the Eyes of a Collector" in 2023 presents the collections of Mikhail Tsarev and
"Street Art Storage", launched in St. Petersburg by INLOCO Initiative and the Institute
for Street Art Research. Careful relations is an approach that characterizes both collections,
the prerequisite of which is the understanding of art as a form of evidence of time.
A work of art is a visual-figurative equivalent of modernity,
conditioned by the presence of the author in the present. And getting the work into the collection
it is considered as a way of saving it — snatching it from the tenacious claws of decay and
oblivion — so that there would be no lost
time, no white, blind spots in the fabric of the historical and artistic narrative. Finding themselves in the public field or initially acting as
a public institution, these collections become part of the public discussion, because
they make the experience of the current moment a collective event, and act as the most valuable
material for future research.