Cosmoscow • Programme
September 27 – 29 2024
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Topic: "Save Mode"
Curator: Victor Misiano

Over the past two decades, the institutional system of art in Russia has gone through a stage of formation and rapid development. It grew and expanded, sometimes outstripping its artistic resources and expert capabilities. Recently, it seems, its development has moved to a different stage. Its tasks today are no longer expansion, but preservation of what has been achieved. Is this transition caused only by external reasons? Or are there internal reasons for this? And if so, which ones? How to survive this stage correctly? And how to take advantage of its capabilities?

Discussion "Safe Mode: Art Theory"

Moderator: art critic and philosopher Alla Mitrofanova.

Discussion «Art market and financial capital of Russia: steps towards mutually beneficial rapprochement»

Moderator - collector of contemporary art, philanthropist, cultural figure, one of the founders of the Moscow Club of Collectors of Contemporary Art Mikhail Tsarev

Discussion “Safe Mode: Art Market”

Moderator: art critic, owner of the pop/off/art gallery Sergei Popov.

Discussion “Safe Mode: Education”

Moderator: сurator of the Cosmoscow Foundation for Contemporary Art Alexey Maslyaev.

Discussion “Safe Mode: Funds”

Moderator: Director of the Cosmoscow Foundation for the Support and Development of Contemporary Art Anastasia Ivanova.

Discussion “Safe Mode: Publishing Programs”

Moderator: founder of the Masters school Polina Bondareva.

Discussion “Safe mode: Museums and institutions”

Moderator: curator, non-formal education practitioner, curator of the public program of the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art Anastasia Mityushina.

Discussion “Safe Mode: Exhibition Process”

Moderator: сurator of the Cosmoscow Foundation for Contemporary Art Alexey Maslyaev.